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Sourdough loaves begin with a sourdough starter: a bubbly mixture of flour and water that is nurtured into a home for many microbes. Among these are wild yeast, which leavens the dough, and lactic acid bacteria, which makes sourdough easier to digest, and gives it its distinctive tang.
Slice of sourdough
At Harina Studio®, we ferment our lean sourdough loaves for at least 20 hours, before they are baked bien cuit or well-done.

This slow fermentation and bold bake helps our dough develop a deeper flavor and fragrance, and results in a tender yet chewy crumb inside a beautifully caramelized, dark brown crust.

On the other hand, our enriched sourdough loaves are fermented for at least 14 hours, before they are baked to a malty, golden brown.
Brioche crumb

This short, but slow, warm rise — coupled with the addition of butter, milk, and eggs — makes for a delicately flavored, soft, and rich dough.

Get your naturally-leavened bread here.

Store it in the freezer — not the refrigerator.
Keep your loaves as fresh as possible with our tips here!
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