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Studio Policies

Please be informed of Harina Studio's policies, and note that they may change without prior notice. Ordering from the Studio means you agree to all policies!

Last Updated · 20 January 2022

Guarantee + Disclaimer

Guarantee & Disclaimer

Studio Guarantee

Harina Studio's products are handmade, and though each batch may appear slightly different, you are guaranteed to receive products made with quality ingredients and zero preservatives. Our goal is to give you a good experience — in the unlikely event that you are unhappy, please let us know! We will do our best to help you and correct any issues you may encounter along the way.

Food Allergy Disclaimer

Harina Studio is not an allergy-free bakery! Ingredients and allergens are listed on each product page, and steps are taken to prevent cross-contamination. If you have a severe allergy, please note that your order may come into contact with other allergens not listed, or that there may be trace amounts of these allergens in the ingredients used.


Harina Studio will not assume any liability for any adverse reactions you may have to food consumed or other items you may come into contact with while eating any of the Studio's products.



All orders are placed and processed through Harina Studio's website. The Studio's products are made to order, and require a lead time depending on the product.



  • Promo codes can only be applied at checkout.


  • Orders must be paid in full within 24 hours of order placement, or within 1 hour for next-day pickup/delivery.

  • Shipping fees on the day of delivery must be settled within the same day.

  • Customers may choose to pay via PayPal, Xendit, or bank transfer to BPI, BDO, and GCash.

  • Orders are confirmed once payment has been verified.

Order Modifications

  • Ingredient substitutions, additions, or omissions are not accepted.

Pickup + Delivery

Pickup + Delivery

Harina Studio products are best eaten soon after they are made, which means orders can only be held for 1 day, on the date you chose when placing your order. Pickup and delivery time is generally between 12 to 5 pm from Thursday to Saturday, but depends on the volume of orders for the day.

Pickup + Delivery Locations


  • Pickup at Ayala Alabang Village

  • Delivery within Metro Manila, Cavite, and some areas in Laguna, Rizal, and Bulacan

Third-Party Deliveries

It is not guaranteed that your order will be delivered in the same condition it left the Studio. Harina Studio cannot be held responsible for damages to orders in transit, or in the hands of its customers.

  • Harina Studio is not responsible for late or failed deliveries if:

    • An incorrect, incomplete, or outdated delivery address was provided.

    • The recipient of the order is unavailable at the time of delivery.

  • Parking fees, toll fees, and the like must be settled by the customer.

Delivery Fees

  • In-house delivery within Ayala Alabang Village is Php 20, payable at checkout.

  • Delivery within Metro Manila and nearby areas is based on third-party rates, payable to Harina Studio at a fixed price during checkout; or at a regular or split price on the day of delivery, which may include surcharges.

  • All deliveries booked by Harina Studio are payable to the Studio. Delivery fees paid in cash to third-party couriers will not be accepted.

Changes to Delivery Details

  • Orders cannot be rescheduled for delivery on another date.

  • Customers' delivery address and method can be changed 1 day before delivery date.

  • Pickup may be changed into delivery on the same day.

Incorrect Deliveries

  • If the error was made by the Studio, orders will be replaced and delivered free of charge at the earliest possible time. The incorrect order may be kept by the customer.

  • If the error was made by the third-party courier (e.g. switched delivery address), the Studio will assist in booking another courier free of charge that will make sure each recipient has their correct order delivered. Incorrect orders must remain untouched.

Incorrect Deliveries


All sales at Harina Studio are final — cancellations are not accepted. In the case of an extenuating circumstance, please reach out to the Studio.




  • Unclaimed pickup orders are only available until 5 pm on the pickup date.

  • Unclaimed orders delivered by Harina Studio are only available until 5 pm on the delivery date, and must be picked up by the customer in person or by their own courier.

  • Unclaimed orders delivered by third-party couriers are immediately forfeited.

  • Harina Studio reserves the right not to refund your order payment and delivery fees.

Refunds + Replacements

Refunds + Replacements

Harina Studio only accepts refund and exchange claims within 24 hours of order receipt. Claims past this window will be decided upon on a case-by-case basis.

Making a Claim

To begin making a claim, email Harina Studio with the information below. If your order is found not to meet the Studio's standards, or a genuine mistake has been made, you may opt to receive a refund or a replacement.


  • Full Name

  • Order Number

  • Date of Delivery

  • Description of Claim

  • Photos of Claim



  • Refunds in cash are made to the same payment method used upon order placement.

  • Refunds in store credit are given in the form of a coupon code.

  • Store credit coupons can only be used for orders with a minimum total equal to the store credit given.

  • Coupons are transferable if the Studio is given notice ahead of its use.

  • Harina Studio does not give refunds in excess of an order's total price.



Harina Studio does not accept returns or offer exchanges due to health and safety reasons. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted and refunded.

  • Orders will be replaced with the same product at the earliest date possible.

  • Order replacements may be picked up or delivered free of charge.

Unacceptable Claims

Claims for the following reasons will not be accepted by Harina Studio:

  • Your order was properly baked or made correctly.

  • Your order looks slightly different compared to photos on the site.

  • Your order did not meet your personal preferences (e.g. taste).

  • Your order was damaged while in transit.

  • Your order was not claimed on the date of pickup or delivery.

  • Your order contains an ingredient that you are sensitive or allergic to.

  • Your order was not stored properly in your home.

Website Use

Website Use

For more information regarding Harina Studio's website policies, please refer to the following pages:

Contact Harina Studio

If you have any questions about Harina Studio's policies, please contact the Studio by email at

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