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Harina Studio


Sourdough starter

Our Story

A Flour-Powered Studio

Harina Studio® was created in 2020 out of a girl’s love for baking, and the magic that flour can create. From the beginning, we've always been driven by the belief that each day is a new practice, and a chance to raise the standard for cakes, pastries, and most of all — good, real bread. 

Our Studio

A Tiny Kitchen

We bake from home — the same childhood home that saw our first batch of cookies from scratch, and the first of many sourdoughs. Armed with mixers, an oven, a fridge, and a freezer-turned-retarder; we continue to dedicate our compact space to the idea of quality over quantity as we create our small-batch baked goods.


Our Products

Slow Food

Sliced Bread
Tomato Butter

We only create what we love and what makes us happy, and only enough of what we need. Our menu is home to recipes explored over weeks and months, and tested on friends and family, including, at times, our two dogs. We take pride in our slow bread, leavened only with wild yeast; in sourcing good ingredients; and in maintaining the same level of care throughout all our handcrafted goods.

Daischiell Cledera
Daischiell Cledera

Our One Woman Team

A Girl With a Love for Wheat

Born and raised in Manila, Daischiell has fond memories of eating pandesal dipped in coffee, and chewing on cold sticks of sugarcane. As a young girl, she enjoyed hanging around the kitchen, naturally growing up to love both cooking and baking.

After taking up culinary arts at the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde and training abroad; she briefly worked as a pastry chef, creating desserts for several local restaurants. Her passion for bread baking inspired her to continue her studies at The International Culinary Center, and establish Harina Studio® upon returning home — serving freshly baked bread and pastries a year later to customers in her neighborhood and the rest of Metro Manila.

Sculpting cakes is a challenge she enjoys from time to time, but sourdough remains her favorite thing to bake after making her first loaf in 2016. She continues to happily feed Seymour — her 4-year old starter — and loves to travel, watch movies, and play The Sims in her spare time.

Take a look at her previous work here.

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